Dahlstrom Rollform Earns SHARP Recertification

Dahlstrom Rollform recently achieved recertification into the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program for maintaining a safety and health program among the most effective in the nation. The recertification is the company’s first following its initial certification into the program in 2011 and involved a three-way effort between the New York State Department of Labor, Dahlstrom Rollform and Safety Compliance Inc.

“Our safety team has put tremendous effort into the material aspects of our advanced safety program, including repetitive training, machine guards and personal protective equipment. However, even more impressive is the renewed cognizance of a safe work environment and a changed culture. I am proud to be part of such a great group here at Dahlstrom. This certification renewal is a true benefit to all of our employees,” said Rob White, president of Dahlstrom Rollform.

Joe Budzich, state Department of Labor health auditor, and Paul Songin, state Department of Labor safety auditor, completed the initial certification and the current recertification. In addition to recognizing the company for having a highly effective safety and health program, acceptance into the SHARP also grants an exemption from routine OSHA inspection that can be renewed every two years.

The company was founded in 1904 by Charles Dahlstrom, inventor of the first fire door, which was a hollow metal door filled with a fire retardant material. In response to construction industry demand, Dahlstrom Rollform then expanded its product line to build upon the fire retardant effectiveness of the metal door. These items formed the first fire protection for many high-rise buildings being constructed in major cities throughout the nation.

Subsequent expansion of its product line led the company into the automotive industry, elevator industry, rail industry and computer industry. The company’s products can be found in locations as diverse as the Library of Congress, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Plaza, Federal Courthouse in Buffalo, New Jersey statehouse and state, federal and commercial buildings.

Also an ISO 9001-certified company, Dahlstrom Rollform’s SHARP certification is a key component in the company’s objective of manufacturing high-quality products in a safe working environment.

“This SHARP recertification is a clear reflection of the commitment Dahlstrom Rollform places on safety and health. Everybody involved should be extremely proud of their efforts,” said Tim Songin, Safety Compliance account manager.

The Dahlstrom Rollform safety committee, composed of both line and management personnel, meets every month and oversees the company’s written safety policies, annual employee training sessions and facility safety inspections. The committee is overseen by plant manager Mike Richner and an action plan is drafted at the end of each year outlining the company’s monthly goals for the upcoming year.

“All of our employees have worked as a team to continually improve the safety program and this recertification is the reward of their efforts,” Richner said.