Hunters Silenced in Gun Debate Editorial?

To the Readers’ Forum:

You have to be joking! The debate has to do with our rights under the Constitution of The United States representing all American citizens.

Nowhere in the Constitution is rabbit hunting mentioned. The Second Amendment is about our rights as Americans to defend ourselves from all enemies, foreign and domestic, including self defense and defense from a tyrannical government.

When I took my oath to defend our country and the Constitution I don’t remember anything about duck hunting.

We should thank God the National Rifle Association is in there fighting to keep our freedom and liberty for all Americans.

Some gave all. Isn’t it time for all to give some for their Country?

Governments come and go as is evident in our election system. What all Americans must come to realize is that our government is not our country, it is only the group currently entrusted to run the country. Every two to six years, depending on what office is held, we change the game. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.

History proves that confiscation of weapons leads to the downfall of freedom and massive loss of life – genocide. Rowanda, 1994 – 500,000 to one million exterminated; China, 1949 to 1976 – 45 to 70 million exterminated; the USSR, 1929 to 1953 – two million exterminated; Germany 1939 to 1945 – 11 million exterminated; Cambodia, 1975 to1978 – 2 million plus exterminated; Armenia, 1915 to 1925 – 1.8 million exterminated.

It will never happen here you say! I want to make sure it doesn’t and my most powerful defense is not going to be infringed! God Bless America

David R. Juhl