Editor’s Note

I was excited for the start of March for a while, then I looked at the forecast.

I know, it snows in March. It won’t be spring for a couple more weeks; I get it.

But I have fond memories of some sunny, warm March days that I was hoping to relive soon.

With snow and 20-degree temperatures in the forecast, March came in like a lion I guess. But, for me at least, there’s hope that it will go out like a lamb.

Many of you, I’m sure, enjoy the winter. If you’re a skier or a snowmobiler or someone who enjoys other winter sports, this is probably your favorite time of year. Good for you. You can smile when people like me complain about the weather.

Most years, once March hits, I’ve had my fill of the season. Actually, I’ve had my fill in January. I’m ready for several months of occasional sunshine. At this point, I’ll even take rain.

Someday, many decades from now, maybe I’ll be a snowbird. Or, if I decided to move somewhere else, with any luck, I would be smart enough to go somewhere warmer.

For now, though, I’ll continue to look forward to a day when I’ll be able to take a jog around town on a nice spring-like day. Having dinner outside on a picnic table is another spring highlight -as is spending time around a bonfire.

I grew up in the country. Spending time around bonfires – or “celebratory bonfires” as the Department of Environmental Conservation calls them – was one of our favorite hobbies over the years. It still is when we all get together.

But, for now, I’ll continue shoveling the driveway and warming up my car. At least there aren’t any windows in the newsroom. I have no idea what it’s doing outside anyway.