Letters To The Editor

Kudos To The JHS Winterguard

To the Readers’ Forum:

I had the privilege of transporting 16 students from the Jamestown Winterguard color-guard team to the regional competition in Pittsburgh on Saturday, Feb. 9. They were a wonderful group of ambassadors for our city and high school! These young people worked hard to bring a sizzling performance to this regional event, competing against 17 other schools from places as far away as Michigan and Virginia! Under Mark Lynch, director, and lots of support staff, this group came in first place! They did an awesome job! Kudos go to Jamestown high school Winterguard! Keep up the good work!

Michael Childs


A Gesture Brings Tears Eyes

To the Readers’ Forum:

I would like to thank the Fredonia Hillbillies who shared some laughs with us while waiting to be seated at Ruby Tuesday’s Valentine’s evening.

When we went to pay our bill these two lovely young ladies had paid it.

What a great evening and I felt so much gratitude. I was so humbled I had tears in my eyes.

There are still good people out there and shows a great deal on the good instilled by their upbringing.

She signed the note and I can’t locate the name anywhere so you know who you are Shannon Gens. Thank you, God bless you. It will always be a special day to remember.

Rod and Birdie Crandall


Injured Dog Helped By No One

To the Readers’ Forum:

A loose dog, who was starving, underfed, obviously abused, with a cut on its leg and missing fur, was spotted by me at on Fifth Street, at 5 p.m. Sunday, Feb.17. I did my best to keep the dog in one place, while I called the police – twice. The second time I called, I told them that I was having a hard time keeping the dog confined and was told that they didn’t know what to tell me, that they had no one to send. So, I had to let him go. Most disturbing was that at least 40 drivers and four pedestrians just cruised by without making any effort to help. I can only hope that the poor animal is okay, especially with the freezing temperature at the time. But I’m not optimistic.

Craig Raines


Worn Lines A Problem On I-86

To the Readers’ Forum:

Who in the dickens is in charge of maintaining the yellow and or white lines on the roads including the expressway, I-86?

These lines could save lives, that is, if you can seem them, especially in dense fog or had rains. In some cases the roads are not even painted.

A road should be closed if it is unsafe and, without these lines, a road is not safe.

Please, get out and paint!

Betty Hand


Command Center Vehicle Money Pit

To the Readers’ Forum:

I cannot believe spending $400,000 on this vehicle when the country is in debt almost $17 trillion.

In The Post-Journal on Feb. 11 and 12, the writers said that no local money was used to pay for this. Last I knew, all states in this country have people that pay federal tax. South Dakota, Maine, Texas and all other states in this union pay taxes; all too much by the way. Further, who is going to fuel this or pay for repairs or maintenance? This money could go for better things than this that could save more lives than this is supposed to do.

The person who wrote this article on Feb. 11 said that the police and fire personnel were happy to show off their new toy! This is a toy that this county or this country cannot afford at this time. When will people realize what we can and cannot afford. This is a luxury just like a cell phone. One we cannot afford. Maybe we should hire one policeman just to patrol 394. That would probably save more lives since there has been numerous deaths and countless accidents on the road or the many other more important things that could have been done with this money that the country borrowed from our future generations.

John R. Berg