McIntyre Leads Bowling With 702

Howie McIntyre Jr. shot a 266-239-702 for Pocket Pounders in Shawbucks/Bel-View East League at Jamestown Bowling Company Friday night.

Josh Volk, who had a perfect 300 game on Thursday, delivered a 246-675 for Townline Auto in the same league at JBC.

John Van Horn drilled a 263 at JBC.

Mike Barton rolled 214-211-613 and John Kotlar hit a 200-223-602 to lead the Senior Coffee Bowl at JBC.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Senior Coffee Bowl -Jim Rissel 224-581, Ray Rossey 574, Jim Mitchell 550, Don Hilyer 548, Marv John 507, Joyce Spicer 444, Barb Carlson 400.

Shawbucks/Bel-View East League – John Robbins 248-234-667, Matt Erickson 234-232-664, Dave Livermore 224-647, Tom Whitmore 222-221-624, Steve Halovich 220-624, Tim Thompson 614, Jeff Territo 611, Brandon Miller 232-608, Mark Gould 236-606, T. J. Weimer 227-603, Bob Szymanski 599, Keith Blair 233-586, Chris Burnett 221-583.

Friday Night Mixed Couples League – John Van Horn 611, Lorena Bernoudy 482.