Daily Double

KENNEDY – Students at Temple Elementary School got a double dose of fun at the end of their final school day for the month of February.

On Thursday, students from universal pre-K through second grade filed into the gymnasium for an assembly that combined two of the school’s yearly programs. The multi-purpose assembly served as a regular meeting for 3 B’s, a program promoting safety and good behavior, and as a kick-off for Parents As Reading Partners.

Since September, the school has hosted a monthly assembly for its 3 B’s program, which coincides with the last school day, or Friday, of the month. The 3 B’s, which stand for “be safe, be respectful and be responsible,” provide a method of teaching students the value of these attributes.

According to Holly Hannon, Temple’s reading specialist, 3 B’s is Temple’s equivalency program for the state’s Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports mandate. Hannon said that students who exemplify the 3 B’s are given compliment cards by teachers who witness these good behaviors, and the class with the most compliment cards at the end of each month are given a special prize.

“As a district, this is our PBIS program,” she said. “At our monthly assemblies, we try to focus on using our 3 B’s. At the end of the assembly, we award the class with the most compliments (with) the ‘Cheer Bear.'”

The “Cheer Bear” is a teddy bear, assembled at a Build-A-Bear workshop, that resides in the winning classroom for the following month after being awarded. This month, the “Cheer Bear” was awarded to Leasen Robinson’s second-grade class, which accumulated 70 compliment cards in February.

This year’s PARP program at Temple will run from today through March 8. Typically, the program will run for a school week, but it was extended for an extra day in recognition of March 2 as Dr. Seuss’ birthday. To celebrate an extra Dr. Seuss-themed day of PARP, students will participate in a pajama day and be treated to a lunch of green eggs and ham. Throughout next week, the program will be observed by themed days, including: wear your favorite color day; country day; sports day; mismatch day and character day.

For the duration of PARP, it is recommended that students read with their parents for a minimum of 15 minutes every day. Parents will then initial a sheet indicating that their child has read for the allotted time, and has actively participated in the program.

PARP officially began at the assembly by having the students sing a song about Dr. Seuss. Hannon then provided the students with information about PARP in the form of a packet, which students are to give to their parents. The assembly then allowed the students an opportunity to sing their 3 B’s theme song, and concluded with a teacher distribution of individual awards to those who most frequently displayed the 3 B’s.

According to Judy Roach, Temple principal, the PARP program is instrumental in helping to achieve the school’s goals for students.

“Literacy is our No. 1 target goal for children,” she said. “(PARP) is just to stress to parents how important reading is with their children, and so children have a love of reading.”

Regarding the 3 B’s, Roach said that the program is intended to teach children what is expected of them as students.

“The gist of it is teaching kids good behavior, whether they’re on the school bus, in the cafeteria or in the classroom,” she said. “You don’t see kids running in our buildings. You don’t see a lot of bullying going on. You see children doing what is expected of them – walking in the halls, treating each other with respect. 3 B’s just helps support all that.”