City Man Gets Song Recorded By Hollywood Record Company

For Dennis C. Harriger, of Jamestown, getting one of his gospel songs recorded was a moment of glory.

Harriger’s song, entitled “The Only One I Need,” was selected by HillTop Records, of Hollywood, Calif., to be featured on a compilation album with 25 other tunes.

According to Harriger, he had never written a song until the night he accepted the Lord into his heart.

“God started putting songs in my head,” said Harriger. “Really, he wrote the songs, and I was just a tool.”

The album, “Glory,” has studio musician Cody Lyons performing the lyrics from Harriger’s song. The song opens with the following lyrics: “There was a time when I believed I was the only one I’d need in my life. But, then one night the Lord called my name. Now I know that I needed him in my life.” It continues into the chorus, which states, “He walks with me down that lonely road and clears the way for me. And, it’s all because he loves me so. He’s the only one I need.”

Inspiration for the song came from Harriger’s youth, which was a time when he figured he could do everything by himself.

“I was on a high horse and felt that I didn’t need anybody else until Jesus called my name one night,” said Harriger. “I should have been dead a long time ago with everything that’s happened to me, but God saved me. And, I know now that he kept me here for a purpose.”

“The Only One I Need” was originally written in 2005, at an amateur creative writing contest at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. Harriger was presented with a certificate of achievement in recognition of distinguished achievement in creative writing skills for placing sixth with “The Only One I Need.” Harriger is also a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association International.

The song was picked up by HillTop Records because Harriger registered the song with the Library of Congress. The record company then contacted him to inquire about whether he would like to have the song appear on “Glory.”

“When I found out, it made me feel pretty good,” said Harriger. “I told them I wanted it country style, and they did it by putting in steel guitars. I love it. When they told me that when it was done they’d send it to radio stations, I said, ‘Man, that would be great to hear a song I wrote on the radio.'”

Harriger said that although it would be nice to get some royalties from the recording, the real reason he writes music is because it is his ministry.

“My main reason is to get God’s word out,” said Harriger. “I don’t know how to preach, so the songs that I write are my ministry.”

Harriger was born and raised in New Bethlehem, Pa. When he turned 21 he got involved with a country band and started singing backing vocals for Dean Hetrick, he said. He currently attends First Baptist Church of Jamestown and runs its sound equipment. And, he is taking guitar lessons at Infinity Performing Arts so he can add accompaniment to his singer-songwriter act.

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