Stefanie Anderson and Loretta Emke drilled a 24 as the Frewsburg Hotel topped Waddington’s Tavern, 113-85, in the Women’s Winter Monday Night Pool League.

Anne Sherlock and Katie Dhondt recorded 24s when the Jamestown Moose Club beat Puzzle Lounge, 109-94.

Patsy’s Grill drew a bye.

– – –

A total of 16 individuals delivered perfect scores of 24s in the Jamestown Tuesday Night Men’s Pool League.

Bud Rhodes, Calvin Bushman, Clint Howe Sr., Adam Smith, Todd Propheter, Dave Gendron, Vince Parasiliti, Bill Corey, Jeff Pawloski, Allen Haskins, John Walker, Ron Prynn, Brian Gibbs, Joe Iuculano, Bodine Shafer and Rick Milliman had perfect scores in week 19.

The Q defeated Crescent Inn I, 128-102; Good Time Saloon prevailed over the Road House, 122-108; Dash Inn took care of Falconer Moose I, 119-113, and Puzzle Lounge beat the Crescent Inn II, 114-109.

Dugan’s downed Waddington’s Tavern, 133-117, VVA topped Falconer Moose II, 129-108; The Swamp nipped Patsy’s Grill, 126-123, and The Bar topped Cadili’s, 130-113 round out the team scores.