Parson Rolls 750 Series At JBC

Terry Parson aided by a booming 269 final game shot a 238-243-750 in the Butera’s Towing League at Jamestown Bowling Company Tuesday night.

Dave Woodfield Sr. rolled a 226-264-224-714 in the Senior Coffee Bowl at Jamestown Bowling Company to headline the Tuesday night area bowling action.

Ann Knepshield connected for a 237-611 for Rhoe Henderson Insurance in the Jamestown American Legion Post 169 League.

Jim Elardo dropped a 216-233-638, Jim Rissel a 206-203-215-624 and Don Hilyer a 204-206-206-616 in the Senior Coffee Bowl at JBC.

Patti Weeks shot a 242-204-590 in the Moon Brook Ladies League at JBC.

Scott Johnson drilled a 278 and Pat Walsh a 257 at JBC.

Alan Felmlee took the weekly Sweeper at JBC by defeating Ray Textor.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Moon Brook Ladies League – Paula Morris 201-205-565, Ann Knepshield 479.

Senior Coffee Bowl – Cliff Carlson 214-571, Mike Cappa 538, Wayne Hunzinger 535, Helen Chambers 439.

Butera’s Towing League – Scott Johnson 645, Dave Fiorella 226-634, Rob Martin 226-633, Chris Johnson 228-628, Pat Walsh 228-628, Pat Walsh 617, Rod Swanson 221-607, Nate Lester 220-604, Jim Chapman 581, Brandon Carlson 233-575, Dave Kohlbacher 575.

Fountain Bowl: Jamestown American Legion Post 169 League – Patti Weeks 214-593, Renee Davis 548, Lisa Snyder 533, Polly Harris 528.

Cutting Lanes: Boozers & Losers League – JoAnn Kopta 483.

A. M. Senior League – Sharon Utegg 175-459.

Monday Men’s League – Pat Bemis 244-664, Adam Newhouse 224-620, Jason Rhodes 224-593, Scott TeCulver 223-589.