Sinclairville 76ers Hold Monthly Meeting

SINCLAIRVILLE – The Sinclairville 76ers is the meals on wheels program for the Cassadaga Valley area. The organization was formed in 1976 to create senior housing in the former Sinclairville High School and is now called Charlotte Villa. Five years later, the meals on wheels program was started. Meals are prepared in the Sinclairville fire hall kitchen and delivered on three different routes in three vans by volunteers. Meals are kept hot with special hot boxes which connect to the electrical system of the van. The 76ers is a part of the Chautauqua County Office for the Aging.

Recently the monthly business meeting was held with members, officers and trustees present. Richard Smith of Sinclairville is the president and led the meeting. Elsie Livermore is the secretary as well as the site manager for the meals program. Livermore read the minutes of the previous meeting. Ainsley Smith presented the treasurer’s report of the group, which keeps record of income and expenditures of the meals on wheels program. These were approved by a motion by Marge McIntyre and seconded by John Sipos, vice president. Lisa Rangel is the chef in charge of the kitchen and meal preparation.

During the last year, the by-laws of the group were brought up to date, and after an examination by the local attorney, these were approved by a vote. The by-laws will be signed by the trustees. Sipos said that thank you messages had been sent out to those who helped with the new by-laws.

Discussion was held on the upcoming benefit spaghetti dinner to be held on Sunday, April 14. Bob Clark and Bill Hulett have taken charge of the benefit, and tickets are available from either of them. In addition to the dinner, giveaways will be held for items which are donated by people of the community. The dinner is open to all and will begin at noon. The benefit dinner will help a family in need.

Meals are delivered to the Sinclairville area, and surrounding communities on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The Sinclairville firehall dining room also serves meals on the same days of the week at noon. For more information, call 962-3455. New members are always welcome.