JAYS Registration Will Be March 9

Jamestown Area Youth Soccer (JAYS) Summer 2013 player and volunteer registration will be held for the first time at the Winifred Crawford Dibert Boys & Girls Club of Jamestown on March 9 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

It should be noted that this is a change of location from previous years.

It is also important to note that JAYS Soccer is not a Boys & Girls Club run program and registrations will only be accepted at specified times and dates. A late registration date may be announced based on player and volunteer registrations received on March 9.

JAYS is a recreational soccer program designed to promote skill development, physical fitness and spirited team play without emphasizing team records or personal statistics.

JAYS Summer Rec soccer has no minimum skill or playing experience guidelines, tryouts or roster cuts. Every player regardless of experience, skill level or game situation is guaranteed a minimum of game-playing time and opportunities to play all field positions.

Teams are formed based strictly on player dates of birth, taking playing experience into consideration as much as possible within the age group. Requests for team placement with particular coaches, friends, etc. are strongly discouraged, as absolutely no guarantees can be given in advance as to team placement, other than siblings of the same sex within the same division and players whose parent or other relative is a volunteer coach in that same division.

JAYS 2013 Summer Rec Soccer is open to boys and girls whose date of birth falls within the guidelines below. Proof of date of birth is required for all players who did not participate in the program last summer. Registrations will not be accepted if the required proof of date of birth is not presented or on file from last summer. Separate girls and boys divisions will be formed in all JAYS age groups.

The age group date-of-birth ranges are as follows:

Under 6Boys / Under 6Girls – Born Aug. 1, 2006 to July 31, 2008

Under 8Boys / Under 8Girls – Born Aug.1, 2004 to July 31, 2006

Under 10 Girls – Born Aug. 1, 2004 to July 31, 2004

Under 12 Girls – Born Aug. 1, 2000 to July 31, 2002

Under 15 Girls – Born Aug. 1, 1997 to July 31, 2000

Under 11 Boys – Born Aug. 1, 2001 to July 31, 2004

Under 15 Boys -Born Aug. 1, 1997 to July 31, 2001

The registration fee remains at $45 per player for 2013, which includes all local JAYS and national USYSA fees and required insurance. The family maximum is set at $115, which would apply to any families with three or more players. There will be no additional fund raising required of the players or families in addition to the registration fee.

No registrations will be accepted unless accompanied by full payment, proof of date of birth, and a complete form with parent or legal guardian signature. Due to the previous difficulty in collecting the required information and fees, no forms will be accepted on hold or incomplete.

Families experiencing legitimate financial hardship are encouraged to apply for a partial registration fee scholarship by submitting a request to Jamestown Area Youth Soccer at PO Box 922, Jamestown NY 14702-0922 or by sending an e-mail to jaysrec@windstream.net by March 7.

Scholarship requests must include the number of family members, parent employment status and a brief description of the financial need. Names and ages of the children to be registered in JAYS should also be included. Verbal scholarship requests will not be accepted by telephone, or in-person at registration. Scholarship funds are limited and requests will be considered based on need and in the order received. It should also be understood that it may not be possible to grant repeat scholarship requests from prior years. The deadline for requests is March 7.

Player uniforms are supplied through the team sponsorship program. Players in all divisions are required to wear shin guards and appropriate sneakers or soccer shoes.

A free used equipment exchange is being offered again this year. Tables will be available for anyone to drop off clean, usable soccer shoes, shin guards or soccer balls. Families needing equipment may stop at the tables and pick up what their player needs, free of charge. Families wishing to donate equipment may bring items to the Boys & Girls Club at any time on or before March 9.

Families are also being encouraged to purchase a soccer ball for each player to bring to practices and to play with at home. Under-6 and Under-8 Division players use a Size 3 ball. Under-10 and Under-12 players use a Size 4. Under-15 and older players use a Size 5.

Practices begin in early June with games beginning in late June and running through mid-August, with a total combination of practices and games not to exceed three per week.

Volunteers are needed to serve as coaches, assistants, team helpers, committee members and special project workers. All JAYS volunteers are required to sign a background check release, and will be issued a photo ID by the New York State West Youth Soccer Association.

League orientation sessions are mandatory for those interested in serving as coaches or assistants, with any course fees to be reimbursed to those who participate in the JAYS program. Those interested in volunteering as coaches should register on March 9 at the Boys & Girls Club or send an e-mail to jaysrec@windstream.net.

Game referees are paid a per-game stipend. Anyone interested in becoming a certified referee should visit www.wnyreferee.org and follow the registration links. A class is being offered in the Jamestown Area on March 9 and 10, with advance registration required.

Team sponsors are also being sought for the program. Sponsors receive their company or organization logo printed on the team uniforms. Sponsors are publicized with game results in the local media, and are presented with a photo plaque at the end of the season. The sponsorship fee is $275, with a $50 early bird discount offered if a written commitment is received by April 1 and full payment of $225 is received by May 15. Information will be available at registration or by contacting jaysrec@windstream.net.

JAYS players registering at the Boys & Girls Club on March 9 are guaranteed placement on a team. A late registration date will be scheduled if there are openings in various age groups, and also if there are enough volunteer coaches registered to accommodate the players registered on March 9. Early registration and mail-ins are not available under any circumstances. It should also be noted that a $5 per player late fee may be assessed for registrations accepted after the main registration date.

JAYS no longer has a central telephone number. The best way to receive a quick response to any question is to send an e-mail to jaysrec@windstream.net.