Thule Lodge Celebrates Valentine’s Day

BEMUS POINT – Members of the Thule Lodge gathered recently at their lodge hall for the annual Valentine’s meeting. Valentine refreshments of bright red cupcakes, cookies, snacks, candy and coffee were served to everyone by Gloria Anderson and Carolyn Ostrom. All enjoyed the sweets on this occasion. Lodge historian John Sipos added to the event by telling a humorous story of two Swedish men going shopping just before a rainstorm.

The business meeting was opened by chairman Jeffrey Anderson, who welcomed all to the meeting. Historian Sipos led all in the Pledge of Allegiance, reminding all that this is the time of the year when presidents are remembered. Chaplain Diane Shaw gave the opening message asking that all visit those who are ill. Vice chairman Susan Sipos reported that all guards and officers were at their stations. Secretary Carolyn Ostrom gave the roll call of officers, and then read the secretary’s minutes of the last meeting. Financial secretary Donna Sandberg read the income in the last month, and then read the list of those who are ill. Sandberg keeps track of those who are ill and reports to the lodge. Sandberg also said that she has collected many dues for the new year, and reminds those who have not paid to send their dues to her.

New member Mike Knott was admitted to the lodge by immediate past chairman Ralph Veights. Cultural leader Fanchon Fuller read a story from a book of Swedish folk tales. Fuller also announced that the monthly program of the Scandinavian Studies will be held at the Jamestown Community College on the first Saturday of March and welcomed all to attend. The next meeting of the Thule Lodge will be a combination of two events, said Fuller. The meeting will be held on Saturday, March 16, at the lodge at 2 p.m., and include a St. Patrick’s Day event, and the Swedish Egg Sexa. The egg sexa is a smorgasbord of Swedish food, and many of the dishes are made with eggs. This is keeping with the Easter season.

Veights was presented with the past chairman’s pin by past district master Edwin Sandberg. Bernice Veights pinned the award on her husband. Tom Eckberg announced that the Ingjald Lodge 65 of the Vikings will be holding its convention on June 13-15 and encouraged Thule to purchase an ad space in the convention booklet. Historian Sipos will take care of the ad for the booklet.

Drawings were conducted by outer guardsman Gene Smith of Kiantone, inner guardsman Don Carlson and historian Sipos. Recipients included Brenda Nelson, Bill Wittenbrook, Carolyn Ostrom and Alex Pickett. Thule Lodge is located at 4123 Pancake Hill Road and serves to preserve the Swedish heritage through events and activities. New members are always welcome.