Skating On Thin Ice?

To the Readers’ Forum:

I’m going to question a president’s use of his “Executive Privilege” power. I’m sure that it has been used effectively by leaders of both parties at various times. Does this mean that a president can ignore the citizens and Congress to make sure his personal wishes and ideas are made law and disregard what might be best for the citizens and the country?!

Being a teenager in the 1930s, I lived through and have memories of the consequences that were the direct result of the actions of European leaders who made use of their “executive privilege.”

The National Socialist Party in Germany mesmerized its people into believing that one man and his ideas would solve all their problems. Hitler became the Fuhrer, the Nazi Party was firmly established and there no longer was any need for a Congress to represent the people. On Feb. 23, 1933, the Reichstag (Congressional Building) was “conveniently” torched and destroyed by fire. Now, one man would decide the fate of Germany and not just by executive privilege, but by law.

As a result of these actions, over a number of years, the German people “accepted” ethnic recognition and discrimination, new gun laws and state sponsored day care for children became mandatory to better prepare them for total government control. Party leaders even insisted that the children report their own parents should they hear them speak negatively against the “Third Reich.” Teenagers by the thousands were enlisted into the Hitler Youth to support the Nation. Newspapers were censored by the Ministry of Propaganda. Guess what it bragged about to the world!

I didn’t really think that would happen to us but a few months later, after December 7, 1941, (Pearl Harbor), I was serving in the 8th Air Force in England. My comments are facts based on my own experience. I heard the actual voices and saw images of the leaders of both Germany and Italy being cheered by the masses as they each bragged about their vision for the country. I can’t help being concerned with the direction our Country seems to be heading. Has “Political Correctness” gone too far?

Am I on thin ice? Someone has to check the thickness! Let me know if I make it!!

Leo A. Wilcox