Ripley Senior Loves History; Plans To Teach At Fredonia

RIPLEY – Of all the subjects his high school has to offer, Vincent Shioleno’s favorite has always been history.

According to the Ripley Central School senior, his interest in history is intrinsic.

“For some reason, I really took to history class when I started,” said Vincent. “It’s not like I’m trying very hard (in class), and it doesn’t really feel like work. I used to watch the History Channel with my dad, and he taught me (some history).”

Although he enjoys the subject as a whole, Vincent said that his favorite historical period would have to be the turn of the 20th century, up to and including World War I and World War II.

Because college credit courses are not offered at Ripley, Vincent will not have any credits to carry into his freshman year. Nevertheless, Vincent’s love for history has compelled him to pursue a career as a history teacher. He plans to attend the State University at Fredonia as a history major, and to teach history at the college. According to Vincent, he chose Fredonia because of its proximity to Ripley.

“It’s close to home,” he said. “Staying (close to) home is one of the important reasons. And some of my friends are going there, so I would know people.”

Currently, Vincent is enrolled in courses such as physics, art history and economics. According to Vincent, he is enjoying his economics class because it is taught by Joyce Walzer, his social studies teacher.

“(Walzer) shows you, step-by-step, how to do (the work) – and that’s what makes it easier. She walks you through it and makes sure you understand it at the end of class,” he said.

Vincent is also actively involved in Ripley’s athletic program. He has participated in a variety of sports, including: basketball, which he has played since he was in sixth grade; cross country; football, as of his senior year; volleyball; golf; and baseball. He is also Ripley’s voice in the morning, as he reads the school’s announcements every day.

Vincent was recommended for this feature by Gregory Beardsley, his guidance counselor. According to Beardsley, Vincent has made great strides during his time at Ripley.

“He’s come a long way athletically, socially and academically,” said Beardsley. “He had some struggles when he was younger, and he’s worked hard. He’s a great kid, and he’s evolved into a very nice young man.”

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