The Gun Debate Distraction

To the Reader’s Forum:

Once again New York has attempted to fix a problem by making it worse, dismissing past failures of tight gun restrictions. We ignore cities like New York, Chicago, and DC, which simultaneously have tough gun laws and high crime rates. And despite another school shooting, we still overlook the overwhelming evidence that “gun-free zones” don’t work. This ill-conceived concept relies on the misconception that permit-holders are only trustworthy in certain places (you can carry your gun into a grocery store, but not a school) and that criminals will magically obey “gun-free zone” signs.

Andrew Cuomo, like most anti-gun zealots, spoke about it with more passion than substance: “No one hunts with an assault rifle! No one needs ten bullets to kill a deer! End the madness now!” For Cuomo, the Second Amendment only pertains to hunting and home invasions, an interpretation which can only result from complete neglect of American history. But give him credit. He successfully used a common tactic that so many Americans regularly fall for: Find a very simple concept, like banning guns, and speak so passionately about it that Americans won’t notice the lack of substance behind it. For uninformed people, passion always trumps logic.

But wouldn’t our time be better spent addressing the actual causes of violence, rather than endlessly supporting the naive idea that banning guns will magically make us better people? This gun debate is nothing more than a distraction, diverting our attention from the real problems running rampant in our culture: desensitization to violence, drug and alcohol abuse, breakdown of the family, dismissal of God and morality, mental illness, overuse of medication, bad parenting and lack of accountability. Furthermore, we regularly disregard the existence of evil and underestimate its power, which we blindly embolden with our deteriorating morality.

It’s fallacious to blame the method or tool by which an action is carried out. Instead, you must address the cause. Furthermore, you must accept that you cannot make the world perfect. Legislation doesn’t conquer evil. But nobody wants to have a serious conversation like this. It’s too complex and involves too much effort. So once again we’ll appease our simple minds. Rather than have an open discussion about the real causes of violence, we’ll sit in the politically correct fog and have meaningless arguments about guns. And it’s because of this dim-witted attitude that absolutely nothing will change, leaving the next school shooting as only a matter of time.

Rick Hammond