DiSalvo Seeks Seat On Lakewood Village Board

David J. DiSalvo, Lakewood resident and a professional city planner, is running for the Lakewood Village Board.

“I am proud and honored to have the opportunity to serve my community in a leadership role on the village of Lakewood’s Board of Trustees,” DiSalvo said. “While I may be new to the political arena, I believe my education and 25 years of professional urban planning experience, at both the neighborhood and community-wide levels, provide me with a unique understanding of the importance of building a vision for the community we want, based on sound planning principles, with the highest level of local citizen participation, leading to private investment to re-invigorate historic properties and foster new construction enhancing the vitality of our village.”

DiSalvo said Lakewood has many assets other communities lack. He said he wants to involve more people in the planning that will help lead the village into the future.

“We are blessed to live in a place that has such a tremendous wealth of assets, along with some of the friendliest neighbors anyone could ever want,” DiSalvo said. “As wonderful as our Village may be, however, communities are dynamic places that should evolve as changes occur over time. Communities should be prepared to adapt as circumstances change over the years. We should always strive to make things better and not accept the status quo. The most healthy and dynamic communities encourage people from all walks of life to be involved and offer suggestions on what’s best for our village.”

DiSalvo is endorsed by the Lakewood-Busti Democratic Committee. “Our committee has unanimously endorsed David DiSalvo as our candidate for the village of Lakewood Board of Trustees,” said Tina Felton, chairman of the Lakewood-Busti Democratic committee. “We firmly believe that David has the knowledge, ambition, and integrity needed to help develop and promote the future initiatives of the Village Board. We think the residents of the village will agree with David as our choice.”