NRA Is A Friend To Hunters

To The Readers’ Forum:

I am writing in response to the editorial published on Feb. 7, 2013, titled, “Hunters Are Silenced in Gun Debate.” Your comments conclude that you believe hunters are not represented by the NRA and that the NRA is an extremist organization. Before you demonize an organization you should know the facts. Let me share some with you. The NRA is an organization that promotes the constitutional right to keep and bear arms of all Americans. The fact that this organization does not feed off the bias of the liberal media and its distorted presentation of truth does not make it an extremist organization. The NRA has some of the best hunting classes and gun safety classes found anywhere,including providing classes for schools,scouting organizations, etc. The NRA fights to keep shooting ranges and hunting areas open all over America and has been the friend of hunters, target shooters, law enforcement agencies and the military for many years. This is just a few of things the NRA does for all gun owners, hunters included.

The NRA has done more to keep Americans safe than any of the 9000 gun laws currently on the books in the U.S. Based on the bias presented in this editorial, I am convinced the NRA is a better friend to the hunters of Western New York than its local newspaper.

Joseph Kelwaski