Maniacs Album To Be Released Tuesday

10,000 Maniacs’ new album, “Music From The Motion Picture,” will hit the streets Tuesday.

Although the album hasn’t yet been released to the general public, those who made pledges via the campaign have already received their copies.

According to Steve Gustafson, founding member of 10,000 Maniacs, because the band wasn’t sure how well received the album release would be, only a limited number of CDs and vinyl were produced. However, the album will be available online at retail outlets as well as at a few regional stores, and if there is a high demand more copies will be printed.

“People who were part of our campaign have received the CD – except for people overseas,” said Gustafson. “Those who have already received their CDs are on Facebook commenting about how much they love it.”

Because producing vinyl is a bit more of a process, those who made an order will likely receive a copy in March. Gustafson recommends that those who are interested in purchasing a vinyl album should do so soon because only about 500 copies have been pressed.

“One hundred of those are special color vinyl, and all of them are 180 gram weight so it’s the real good stuff,” said Gustafson. “Some of them will be sent to independent record stores in the area who still sell vinyl, most of them will be sent to pledgers and we’ll keep some to sell at gigs.”

“Music From The Motion Picture,” which features 11 new songs, is 10,000 Maniacs’ first studio album since the band reformed in 2003. The band’s last studio album, “The Earth Pressed Flat,” was released in 1999. It offers listeners a first from Gustafson who said that he gets to sing backing vocals on a song that keyboardist Dennis Drew wrote called “Downhill.”

“I like all the songs that we record because we make sure that we all agree and are proud of what we’ve done or we won’t release it,” said Gustafson. “Dennis sings the vocals on it (‘Downhill’) and I sing the harmony, and that was the first opportunity I’ve had to do that. And, that’s my favorite song on the album. It was great fun, and making records is a riot. We’ve forgotten how much fun making records is because it’s been so long.”

It was so much fun, that Gustafson said that he hopes the band can release another album in a little over a year.

Those who haven’t yet had a chance to listen to the album can check out the band’s newest video for the song “I Don’t Love You Too,” which was released on Valentine’s Day. The video’s animation was done by Gary Peters Jr., whose “I Love Lucy” murals are scattered across Jamestown. It is available at

“It’s a statement on the condition of communication in this modern age,” said Gustafson. “It may also be a little nod to the state of the political arena that we live in – and how nasty it can be. The great thing about an animated video is that I can be as thin as I want, have lots of hair, look really good and we don’t have to show up to do a video. So, it’s the best of all worlds.”

According to Drew, founding member of 10,000 Maniacs, who wrote as many several of the songs featured on “Music From The Motion Picture,” deciding on the title was something akin to an “American Idol” vote-off.

“We come up with titles that we think had meaning and then we vote on them. Not everybody agreed on this one, but we got the required three out of five votes,” said Drew. “It’s the idea that the motion picture is our life. So, it’s really just music from our lives.”

Just before 10,000 Maniacs embarked on their tour to promote the album, guitarist Jeff Erickson suffered a back injury that forced the band to cancel. But, two months later Erickson is in much better shape and has been given the go-ahead to starting working again, said Gustafson.

“He is healing really well and is starting to get sensation back in his hands to where he can feel his guitar when he plays it now,” said Gustafson. “He still has to have a little time for healing so we scheduled some rehearsals about a month from now, and we’ll be picking up the dates that we had to cancel in April and May. …We’re very grateful and happy for him because he has been stuck in the house unable to work or drive so he is anxious to get back out and to be a member of the community again.”

10,000 Maniacs’ current live schedule has the band performing in Buffalo at Sportmens Tavern, a venue that seats about 200, on Saturday, June 22, at 8 p.m. Tickets are on sale now at The band also has a performance scheduled for Sunday, July 28, at the Chautauqua Institution Amphitheater for the season finale of “Rolling Hills Radio.”

“We want to have one big ‘Rolling Hills Radio’ show each year,” said Drew, who is also WRFA general manager. ” … It’s going to be a little bit more like a ‘Prairie Home Companion’ style show – it’ll be a lot of fun. We’ll do at least a half-hour of music, talk about the new album and we’ll play most of the songs. It’s a great venue and setting for us.”

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