Bruce Ensminger and Fred Chamberlain of Witch Kitch II, Doug Goodwill of Witch-Kitch I, Zach Schafer of Whiskey Hills Saloon II and Kyle Klemens of Whiskey Hills Saloon III shot perfect 24s in the Valley Pool Mixed League during the 19th week.

Mat Fox and Doug Goodwill had a table run and Chamberlain an 8-ball break.

Whiskey Hills Saloon I is first with 70 wins followed by Witch Kitch II with 60.5 wins and Whiskey Hills III with 49.5 wins.

Mat Fox leads the men with 434 balls, Bruce Ensminger and Rich Milliman are tied for second with 425 balls.

For the women, Michelle Frost is tops with 374 balls, Patsy Klemens with 368 balls and Kayla Schafer with 318 balls.