First Family

The 12th day of February is known historically as the day the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, was born.

Now the day serves a special meaning for a local family with a little history of their own.

Ben Webb, and his wife, Amy, were recently blessed with the birth of their second child. Cord, who was born on Feb. 12, was coincidentally born on the same day as his father and his grandmother Sallie, wife of Jim Webb, who together own Webb’s World Resort and Captain’s Table Restaurant of Mayville. Cord is Ben and Amy’s second child. Tegan Ruth, their daughter who was born last year, was their first.

According to Amy, whose maiden name is Pawlak, her projected due date for Cord was Feb. 10 so they were excited because it was so close to Ben’s and Sallie’s birthday.

“We were thinking it would be great if we had our second baby on Feb. 12 so that there would be three generations on that day,” said Amy. “But, it was my second pregnancy and those tend to go early so I thought ‘What’s the probability of this happening?'”

Be it fate or luck, Cord was delivered at 9:51 a.m. on Feb. 12 by Dr. Blesilda So of Jamestown Area Medical Associates.

“It was a total surprise,” said Ben. “It was phenomenal because we did not know whether it was a girl or a boy and we were already blessed with Tegan, our daughter.”

The name Cord is also Ben’s middle name. He is named in honor of Ben’s father, Jim, and his grandmother, Nadine, who was adopted by Ben’s great-grandfather, Chorus Henderson.

Now that three generations of the family share the same birthday, Ben said there will be a special celebration held each year for Sallie, Cord and himself. The family had already been holding a special celebration for Sallie and Ben each year because they shared a birthday, and Ben recalls that it was a great bonding experience.

“It was always great because I never forgot my mom’s birthday,” said Ben. “Going forward we will definitely make sure that the three of us get together to have fun and enjoy it. In life it’s so important to get the new, the middle and the wise. You put all that together and it makes a pretty amazing opportunity.”

Webb grew up in Prendergast Point, Mayville. He worked at the family business in Mayville for the majority of his life before attending West Virginia University where he graduated in 1999. He worked at Bank of America in Charlotte, N.C., Webb’s Real Estate and Mortgage in Florida and at Empire Distributing in Atlanta, Ga. before moving back to the area in 2006. Ben is currently the general manager and operator of Webb’s Captain’s Table Restaurant.

Amy grew up in Lakewood and moved away for about 10 years after receiving her bachelor’s and master’s in speech pathology from SUNY Fredonia. During those 10 years away, Amy worked at an elementary school in Hawaii as well as at a Stafford County school in Virginia. After meeting Ben, she decided to move back to the area. She is currently a teacher at Westfield Academy & Central School as well as running her private practice of speech pathology out of Westfield Memorial Hospital.

“We met while I was home for Christmas break,” said Amy. “We were both going out on Christmas night to meet with friends, and it turned out we were going to the same place. We ended up talking and he asked me for my number. He called me the next day and we got together a couple more times before I went back to Virginia. Ben continued to visit me consecutively each week for four months until we got engaged.”

The couple got married on Aug. 7, 2010, at Ss. Peter and Paul’s Church in Jamestown with a reception at Webb’s Captain’s Table Restaurant.