Lester Rolls 722 Series At JBC

Nate Lester led area bowling action on Tuesday night.

Lester, bowling for Butera’s Towing, spun a 256-241-225-722 during the Butera’s Towing League at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Right behind Lester was Terry Parson, who hit a 256-234-222-712 for JPF Trucking, John Van Horn, who connected for a 257-665 for R&R’s Garage, and Chris Johnson, who delivered a 257-233-656 for JPF Trucking.

Patti Weeks slammed a 262-653 to lead the Moon Brook Ladies League at JBC.

In the Tuesday Coffee Bowl at JBC, Jim Rissel delivered a 235-643, followed by Jim Elardo with 225-642, Bob Howe rolled 227-623 and Don Hilyer connected for 223-621.

In high games, Brent Carlson drilled a 259 single for 360 Graphics at JBC.

In the Tuesday Sweeper League, Matt White defeated Ray Textor, 224-164.

To correct a misprint from Tuesday’s edition, Richard Franzen led the Monday Seniors League at JBC with 242-643.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Moon Brook Ladies League – Paul Morris 201-509, Ann Knepshield 200-494, Nancy Larson 200-477.

Tuesday Coffee Bowl – Dave Woodfield Sr. 225-592, Helen Chambers 471.

Butera’s Towing League – Dan Gould 229-227-649, Dave Fiorella 620, Rod Swanson 234-610, Joe Sienicki 220-606, Rob Martin 228-600, Bob Carlson 223-596, Jim Champman 596, John Johnson 226-588, Pedro Melendez 233-581, Andrew Chapman 222, Dave Kohlbacher.