Cattaraugus County Holds Police Training Sessions

LITTLE VALLEY – Sheriff Timothy S. Whitcomb announces the completion of local police trainings. On Jan. 23, 10 local law enforcement officers completed 105 hours of specialized training required for police supervisors. Participants were instructed on topics ranging from role of the supervisor, legal issues, use of force, child abuse investigations, incident management, community relations, post traumatic stress management, disciplinary procedures and search techniques. Participants included:

Sgt. Matthew Krist, Arcade Police Department;

Sgt. Christopher Witkowski, Dunkirk Police Department;

Sgt. Tustin Swift, Salamanca Police Department;

Chief Jeffery Wilcox, Nunda Police Department;

Sgt. Allen Defoe, Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Office;

Sgt. Brandon Walters, Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Office;

Sgt. Andrew Langdon, Olean Police Department;

Sgt. Daniel Ingrao, town of Ellicott Police Department;

Sgt. James Bouchard, Ellicottville Police Department;

Sgt. Andrew Rozler, Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office also hosted a field training officer school, which concluded on Feb. 1. This training was designed to familiarize police officers with the basic elements of and methods used in the national model Field Training and Evaluation Program originally developed and implemented by the San Jose California Police Department.

Participants were instructed on the principles of adult learning and how those principles are applied to field training recruit police officers. Legal and liability issues were examined through federal case law and how it has made an impact on field training and field training officers. This course prepared police officers to serve the important role of field training recruit police officers in a post-academy, agency-specific Field Training and Evaluation Program. There were 19 participants in the class:

Deputy Thomas Woodin, Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Office;

Deputy James Bean, Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Office;

Deputy Christopher Ellman, Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Office;

Officer Lance Edwards, Olean Police Department;

Officer Ryan Aylor, Olean Police Department;

Officer Jason Ivison, Batavia Police Department;

Officer Ryan McKnight, Wellsville Police Department;

Deputy Shawn Mahoney, Allegany County Sheriff’s Office;

Deputy Timothy Hand, Allegany County Sheriff’s Office;

Officer Steven McPherson, Bolivar Police Department;

Deputy Drew Silleman, Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Office;

Deputy Max Graham, Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Office;

Office Kris Lickfield, Olean Police Department;

Officer Ian Spencer, Olean Police Department;

Officer Michael Ernst, ECMC Police Department;

Officer Kyle Suckow, ECMC Police Department;

Deputy Kevin Feola, Madison County Sheriff’s Office;

Officer Timothy Bryant, Nunda Police Department;

Officer Mark Brado, Mt. Morris Police Department.

The Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Office provides training opportunities to local police agencies. For additional information go to or contact the training coordinator, Inv. Christa Heckathorn, at 938-2572.