Mayville Village Board Overrides 2 Percent Tax Cap

MAYVILLE – The village of Mayville has become the most recent municipality to override the 2 percent state property tax cap.

“We don’t need it,” said Mayor Martin Bova. “However, the scary part for me is that we just don’t know exactly how the state, if they were to come down here and look at our numbers, will interpret our (budget). Right now, we’re $24,000 under the cap, so there’s really no reason to do it other than the event that we are audited and the auditor found something they interpreted differently. We’re doing this at the advice of the state conference of mayors. We have no intention of even raising taxes – they’re going to stay the same as they have been for the past few years.”

Prior to the village meeting, a public comment session was held so residents could voice their opinions about the potential override. However nothing was said during the public session that discouraged the board to vote for the override.

Before presenting the first local law for the village of Mayville in 2013, Bova offered some more insight into why the village would be voting on the proposed law.

“Interestingly enough, this is the only local law you need to vote on every single year,” said Bova. “When you pass a local law, it’s a local law. Once it’s filed with the state, it’s in the books and it’s a law. This is the only local law you have to pass every single year if you want to prevent yourself from having an issue with that 2 percent.”

The board unanimously voted to override the tax cap, and there was no public comment about the decision when offered following the vote.