Dayton Planning Board Reviews Comprehensive Plan

DAYTON – The Dayton Planning Board met recently.

One topic on the table was the comprehensive plan, which was developed and approved in 2009 and required to be reviewed and revised every five years as needed. The status of several previously developed policies and ordinances presented to the Dayton Town Board need to be finalized and filed, including noise and road side stands ordinances, wind energy and dog control policies, which require public hearings for presentation to town residents for comment prior to completion.

The Planning Board needs to be kept abreast of any changes in local code and zoning laws, policies or ordinances prior to adoption and implementation. Questions arose regarding needed changes to the comprehensive plan. Board members agreed each member will review the current plan and note where changes may be needed for future planning, including cottage industries, rental properties, zoning changes, business and commercial, mining, forestry, green space, tourism and recreational activities, adult entertainment areas and gas drilling/fracking.

The board welcomes new members who want to join this committee and involve themselves in the development and coordination of the town’s planning process.

Several town residents were contacted by the current board chairman to encourage participation, however, only one contact attended the most recent meeting. Board members want to have at least one member to represent each zoning area of the town of Dayton. A request has been made to the South Dayton Village Board for at least three people to join the town Planning Board to represent the village for review and revision of the comprehensive plan.

The next Dayton Planning Board meeting will be at 7 p.m. Wednesday. The public is welcome to attend.