JCC Lists Recipients Of Degrees, Certificates

Marilyn Zagora, Jamestown Community College vice president and dean of academic affairs, and Eileen Goodling, JCC vice president and dean of student development, recently announced the names of students awarded degrees or certificates from Jamestown Community College’s Jamestown and Cattaraugus County campuses in December.

A total of 177 students earned degrees and certificates. Highest honors represents a 4.0 grade point average, high honors a 3.50-3.99 GPA, and honors a 3.25-3.49 GPA.

Almond: Danielle Morris-Pierce (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science)

Andover: Myriah Perry (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science)

Ashville: Cody Abbey (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Joel Campaign (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Jillian Douglas (A.S. Individual Studies), Rachel Flint (A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors), Nancy Nelson (A.A.S. Medical Office Technology-High Honors),

Atlanta: Alicia Burley (A.S. Criminal Justice-Honors)

Bear Lake, Pa.: Jennifer Keyes (A.A.S. Human Services-Highest Honors)

Bemus Point: Thomas Frazier (A.A.S. Criminal Justice-Police), Jeffrey Hatch (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors)

Bloomfield: Kalene Reiner (A.S. Media Arts-Highest Honors)

Bradford, Pa.: Shannon Keane (A.A.S. Individual Studies-Honors), Brianna Zmuda (A.A.S. Nursing)

Brocton: Cynthia Ferguson (A.S. Individual Studies)

Brooklyn: Kia Thompson (A.S. Individual Studies)

Buffalo: Brian O’Gorman (A.A.S. Criminal Justice-Police)

California, Md.: Timothy Schroeder (A.S. Business-Business Administration)

Canisteo: Kelsey Studer (A.S. Individual Studies)

Cassadaga: Jessica Briggs (A.S. Individual Studies), Chelsae Stern (A.S. Individual Studies)

Celoron: Sherwin Espinar (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science)

Charlotte, N.C.: Naomi Decker (A.A.S. Criminal Justice-Police)

Conewango Valley: Cole Green (A.A.S. Office Technology-High Honors)

Cuba: Kelly Goble (A.S. Human Services), Heidi Howe (A.S. Individual Studies), Joshua Tyler (A.S. Criminal Justice)

Dayton: David Lindberg (Certificate in Welding Technology-High Honors), Erin Taft (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science-High Honors)

Delevan: Jody Butler (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors)

Depew: Kelly Russell (A.A.S. Medical Office Technology-High Honors)

Dewittville: Amber Hurlbut (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities)

Dunkirk: Justin Baron (A.S. Individual Studies), Elizabeth Campese (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science), Felicia Galardo (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Mindy Kilgore (A.A.S. Individual Studies-Honors), James Klemens (A.A.S. Welding Technology), Tabitha Rosas (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Ashley Shaffer (A.A.S. Criminal Justice-Police)

Eldred, Pa.: Stormie Green (A.A.S. Medical Office Technology), Kerri McVinney (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors)

Falconer: Nicole Dean (A.A.S. Medical Office Technology), Kelly Fleming (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Garrett Neel (A.S. Criminal Justice-Honors), Amanda Pokoj (A.S. Human Services)

Forestville: Andrew Montague (A.A.S. Individual Studies and Certificate in Public Safety Technology-Fire Science), Sara Tulipane (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Childhood Education)

Fredonia: Dylan Allesi (A.S. Individual Studies), Zach Bouquin (A.S. Individual Studies), Shanna Eppinger (A.S. Criminal Justice), Jordan Kucharski (A.S. Communication), Megan Lundin (A.A.S. Criminal Justice-Police), Zach Schober (A.S. Criminal Justice), Nicholas Schwertfager (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Katelyn Siragusa (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Jessica Sobczak (A.A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Russell Walker (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors)

Frewsburg: Christopher Boutelle (A.S. Business-Business Administration), Michelle Calhoun (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Sierra Clark (A.s. Individual Studies-Honors), Meghan Hodgkin (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science), Matthew Marg (A.S. Individual Studies), Samuel Miller (A.A.S. Individual Studies and Certificate in Public Safety Technology-Fire Science)

Gerry: Robert Wright (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science)

Jamaica: Leigh Spitzer (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science)

Jamestown: Lindsey Anderson (A.A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Susan Angeli (A.A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Ernest Batchelor (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration), Stephanie Berg (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science), Glenn Boskat (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Daniel Cartner (A.A.S. Information Technology-High Honors), Victoria Carvelli (A.S. Individual Studies), Wendie Cressley (A.S. Human Services-Honors), Joshua Darling (A.S. Business-Business Administration), Kira DiDomenico (Certificate in Corrections Officer Technology-Honors), Jesse Foringer (A.S. Criminal Justice), Heather Garcia (A.S. Human Services), Anthony Georgakis (A.A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Diane Guzman (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors), Elizabeth Harris (A.S. Criminal Justice), Alicia Hawkins (A.S. Business-Business Administration), Christopher Hayes (A.A.S. Individual Studies-Honors), Nancy Henderson (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Stephanie Hess (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Safona Holcomb (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Amber Johnson (A.A.S. Human Services-High Honors), Jenna Johnson (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-Honors), Ian Jones (A.S. Individual Studies), Chloe Kurashige (A.S. Individual Studies), Simon Liuzzo (A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors), William Michishima (A.S. Individual Studies), Daniel Morales (Certificate in Individual Studies), Lisa Morrell (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration), Lauren Nieder (A.A.S. Human Services and Certificate in Early Childhood Development-High Honors), Pamela Pacheco (A.S. Human Services), Jeffrey Ribbing (A.A.S. Information Technology), Amanda Saddler (A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors), Jeffrey Sanders (A.S. Communication), Kasandra Schwerk (A.S. Individual Studies), Nicole Simmons (A.S. Individual Studies), Andrew Speer (A.S. Individual Studies and Certificate in Digital Audio Production), Kyle Spence (A.S. Criminal Justice-High Honors), David Stockwell (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science), Charish Thomas (A.S. Individual Studies), Danelle Turney (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science-High Honors), James Vincent (A.S. Individual Studies), Karissa Weber (A.S. Human Services), Corey Zetterlund (A.A.S. Individual Studies)

Kennedy: James Beswick (Certificate in Digital Graphic Design & Publishing-High Honors), Sara Riffel (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration)

Lackawanna: Gregory Turski (A.S. Business-Business Administration-Honors)

Lakewood: Jackey Estus (A.A.S. Medical Office Technology-High Honors), Leslea Moss (A.S. Individual Studies), Jose Perez (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration), Cassandra Schrope (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Early Childhood Education), Taylor Swan (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors)

Little Valley: Nicholas Askey (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Childhood Education-High Honors), Jennifer Cremaldi (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science)

Machias: April Carey (A.A.S. Medical Office Technology-Honors)

Mayville: Bryan Fish (A.S. Business-Business Administration), Denise Griffin (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Cody Winne (A.A.S. Criminal Justice-Police-Honors)

Olean: Renee Baker (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science), Ashlee Case (A.S. Individual Studies), Benjamin Cole (A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors), Joshua Coulter (A.S. Criminal Justice), Terry Covert (A.S. Business-Business Administration), Albert Dibble (A.S. Business-Business Administration-Honors), Rachael Fillgrove (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science-High Honors), Mark Hellwig (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Alyssa Kirk (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Alicia LaBorde (A.S. Criminal Justice-High Honors), Derrick LaBorde (A.S. Criminal Justice), Julie Lombardi (A.A.S. Human Services-High Honors), Thomas Oakley (A.S. Individual Studies), Ashley Pfeiffer (A.S. Business-Business Administration-Honors), Susan Swetland (A.A.S. Business-Accounting-High Honors), Kristin Turner (A.S. Individual Studies)

Perrysburg: Katie Trank (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-High Honors)

Portland: Samantha Dejesus (A.S. Individual Studies), Marie Montgomery (A.S. Human Services)

Portville: Mark MacDonald (A.S. Business-Business Administration), Shane Mayo (A.A.S. Criminal Justice-Police), Jonelle Worthington (A.S. Business-Business Administration)

Randolph: Dalton Bartholomew (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science), Brandon Durnell (A.S. Business-Business Administration), Danelle Shelters (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors)

Rochester: Amanda Jacks (A.A.S. Medical Office Technology-High Honors)

Roulette, Pa.: Brittani Bova (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration)

Russell, Pa.: Kayla Grinnell (A.S. Fine Arts: Studio Arts-High Honors), Darren Wenzel (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors)

Salamanca: Porschell Austin (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science), John Hudson (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science-Honors), Keith Parmenter (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration), Megan Riggs (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors)

Sherman: Cassandra Resta (A.S. Fine Arts: Studio Arts), Corey Sands (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration), Taryn Teculver (A.A.S. Individual Studies)

Shinglehouse, Pa.: Tiffany Harris (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science-High Honors)

Silver Creek: Barbara Jones (A.S. Human Services-High Honors), Kaitlin Scheda (A.A.S. Occupational Therapy Assistant), Jonathan Wicks (A.S. Criminal Justice-High Honors)

Sinclairville: Victoria Goodwill (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Kara Gray (A.A.S. Office Technology), Shane Hancock (A.S. Individual Studies), Michael Rockey (A.S. Criminal Justice)

Smethport, Pa.: Julia Kibble (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Early Childhood Education-Honors)

Stockton: Dylan Walsh (A.A.S. Criminal Justice-Police)

Waterford, Pa.: Zachary Thomas (A.A.S. Computer Information Systems)

West Seneca: Stephen Majewski (A.A.S. Professional Piloting-Honors)

West Valley: Kristine Fisher (A.A.S. Medical Office Technology-High Honors), Erik Stephan (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration-Honors)

Westfield: Chelsea Barber (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities-High Honors), Cody Bolinger (A.S. Criminal Justice-High Honors), Kristin Korn (A.A.S. Business-Accounting-High Honors), Megan Neratko (Certificate in Medical Office Technology-High Honors)

Westons Mills: Amber Mohr (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science).