Official Tours New Chemical Dependency Unit At Hospital

Patrick Morrison, regional coordinator for the western field of the Office of Alcoholism And Substance Abuse Services, recently visited with officials and staff at WCA Hospital to tour the newly constructed Inpatient Chemical Dependency Unit located on the fourth floor at WCA Hospital. He visited with hospital leadership and staff, touring the new unit including a stop in the new emergency department at the hospital.

“The new unit is a state-of-the-art environment,” Morrison said. “Patients and their families will feel welcomed and respected while receiving the highest quality of care.”

The WCA Hospital Inpatient Chemical Dependency Program which recently relocated from Jones Memorial Health Center to the main campus at WCA, is a 13-bed individualized inpatient program designed to for individuals age 18 and older to address the emotional, psychological and social impact chemical dependency has on the individual and their family.

The goal of the program is to provide the opportunity and supportive environment for individuals to receive confidential, compassionate, professional care along the road to recovery. Treatment is personalized taking into consideration unique needs and characteristics. This includes someone who may need both mental health and addiction services.

Family members are included in the rehabilitation process as they play an important role in a patient’s continuous recovery as well as for their own well being. The key components of the program include addiction programming; personalized treatment plan and individualized length of stay; individual and group counseling; family therapy; outpatient services for family members; immediate appointment for a person in crisis; continuity of care: inpatient and outpatient; linkage to self-help support groups; and relapse prevention.

“Our unit provides a vital service that enables our patients and their families the ability to begin to build a solid foundation in recovery, including the tools to resume a healthy responsible lifestyle,” said Andrew O’Brien, CASAC, WCA Hospital director of chemical dependency, who has overseen the direction of the program for more than 20 years. “Our treatment is personalized and takes into consideration the unique needs of each individual in a safe, structured environment through individual, group and family therapy. We are very excited to showcase our vision today that will continue to deliver the highest quality in inpatient chemical dependency care.”

“The new location offers a beautiful and supportive surrounding where individuals can begin to rebuild their lives,” adds Ann Gustafson, CASAC, program manager on the unit. “Decorated in subtle sage green and blue wall colors and furnishings which create a soothing and cheerful atmosphere, our modern area was constructed to blend 21st century amenities with the hospital’s historic charm.”