Rite Aid Stores Focus On Wellness

By offering an enhanced selection of products and resources, Rite Aid’s new wellness stores may have what you need to improve your health.

Wellness stores are now open at more than 687 Rite Aid locations nationwide, and the company is on pace to have nearly 800 by March. As Rite Aid’s latest design format, wellness stores offer an enhanced selection of wellness products and resources; advanced clinical services, which includes private pharmacist consultation rooms; and customer service from iPad-equipped wellness ambassadors.

The wellness store changeover occurred last year for the Rite Aid located at 963 Fairmount Ave. The store’s wellness advancement includes on-site wellness ambassadors, more clinical pharmacy services and hundreds of new health and wellness products.

“With the remodeling of the store, it is now more inviting,” said Kelly Lanphier, Rite Aid wellness ambassador. “Shelves are not as high, aisles are wider and labels are easier to read because lighting has been improved.”

The new wellness store also include a private consultation room where customers can speak to a Rite Aid pharmacist one-on-one. Also, pharmacists will be able to administer immunizations for about a dozen diseases, including flu, pneumonia and chickenpox.

“We also have new departments like a natural and gluten-free section, home health care products, an expanded caregiver section and a new health books and magazines section,” said Jane Nickerson, Rite Aid wellness ambassador.

Rite aid also offers free prescription delivery, blood pressure monitoring machines, a diabetic health section and a wellness station. With the wellness ambassadors on the floor with the customers, assistance is easier which leads to the shopper finding their item quicker. The ambassadors work closely with the Rite Aid pharmacist to offer an enhanced customer service. The ambassadors are trained to offer customers access to iPads with apps containing information on over-the-counter medications, vitamins and supplements.

“They love it. I haven’t heard any negative comments,” Nickerson said about customers adapting to the new wellness ambassadors. “The customers know there is someone on the floor willing to help. They don’t have to go look for assistance.”

Wellness ambassadors organize regular health and wellness events outside of the store. Lanphier said Rite Aid-sponsored flu clinics have been held at the Busti Church of God and at Curves in the Chautauqua Mall.

“There is no cost to the business,” Nickerson said. “We set the clinic up and help their customers at no cost to them.”

For more information on the wellness stores, visit riteaid.com.