Tragedy In The City

At 5:48 p.m. on Friday a 5-year-old Jamestown girl was struck by a Jeep Cherokee sports utility vehicle heading south on Foote Avenue. She was rushed by ambulance to WCA Hospital and shortly thereafter was confirmed dead by the Jamestown Police Department as a result of the injuries she sustained.

According to Robert Samuelson, Jamestown Police Department captain, the motor vehicle accident involved the child who was sledding down a hill behind her home on Foote Avenue. She went into the street while sledding and was struck by a vehicle in the far west lane of the four-lane road, closest to the hill she was sledding down.

“The victim was a small 5-year-old female,” said Samuelson. “The message here is that if people see this to stop it, because it is an accident waiting to happen. It’s also a lesson to parents because if your children are doing this you need to stop them. Teach them, educate them so this doesn’t happen again because it is a horrible tragedy that could have been prevented.”

According to Samuelson, the investigation is ongoing and charges against the driver are not expected.

Jamestown Police officers were assisted by the Chautauqua County Accident Reconstruction Team.