OES Acacia Chapter 96 Installs New Officers

Order of the Easter Star Acacia Chapter 96 Sherman officers were installed recently. They are Nancy J. Schuyler, matron; Lynn Griswold, patron; Helen Patti, associate matron; David Himelein, associate patron; Judy Bensink, secretary; Joan Himelein, treasurer; Janet Trussalo, conductress; Mary Bradford, associate conductress; Bernice Lewis, chaplain; Lorraine Wiggers, marshal; Nancy Duink, assistant marshal; Georgann Bemis, musician; William Wiggers, warder; Robert Sphon, sentinel; Lois Sphon, color bearer; and Karen Thompson, Ruth. Also installed were new trustees Franklin Werren, Quinton O. Bensink and David Himelein. Quinton O. Bensink, Karen Thompson and Lorraine Wiggers were installing officers.