Gould Rolls 810 Series At JBC

Dan Gould reached the 800 plateau Thursday night to pace the area bowling.

Gould hit a 267-264-279-810 for Snap Fitness in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Also at JBC, Russ Berkhous uncorked a 279-288-788 for an unsponsored team in the Schutt’s Arctic Cat League.

Ron Holter spun a 257-245-250-754 for Farm Fresh Foods, Mike Jackson a 233-236-279-748 for Empire Machinery and Mark Blasdell a 259-256-727 for John C. Nelson Corporation in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles at JBC.

Also, Sheila Whitford rolled a 201-234-215-650 for Barmore-Sellstrom, Lyn McIntyre a 235-211-642 for Gametie Sports Bar and Heather Gould a 234-200-204-638 for Snap Fitness in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles.

Bonnie Smith, competing for A-Bat, spun a 234-605 in the Ladies League at Frewsburg Lanes.

John Williams Jr. delivered a 257-225-237-699 for Tier One Machinery in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles.

Completing the best scores in the Hall of Scratch Doubles were Justin VanArsdale with a 246-242-697 for Gary’s CARSTAR, Andrew Chapman with a 246-245-693 for Gametime, Mark Gould with a 234-245-691 for John C, Nelson Corporation, Mike Sacilowski with a 224-237-680 for Coppola’s Restaurant and Jeremy Crist with a 231-248-682 for MIR Oil.

Eric Truver hit 223-247-677 for Mike Silk Construction in the Schutt’s Arctic Cat League at JBC.

Al Conklin floored a 237-643, Al Woodard a 228-623 and Chuck Stohlberg a 257-604 in the A. M. Seniors League at JBC.

Tena Berkhous scattered a 224-213-584 at JBC in the Schutt’s Arctic Cat League.

Howie McIntyre Jr. dropped a 279 and Randy Herron a 257 at JBC where John Robbins recorded a 258.

Jamestown Bowling Company: A. M. Seniors League – Jim Suckow 531, Pete D’Angelo 521, Ed Freeman 504.

Early Birds League – Dan Snow 200-562, Roger Vine 519, Cliff Carlson 504, Ken Davis 501, Ann Moren 412, Jane Nagel 410, Juanita Holthouse 403.

Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles – Howie McIntyre Jr. 226-670, Randy Herron 651, Howie McIntyre Sr. 222-638, John Williams Sr. 635, Matt Himes 247-631, Joe Muzzy 222-630, Alan Felmlee 242-244-626, Tom Sacilowski 620, Joe Foti 222-620, Bob Weeks 228-620,, Jim Elardo 232-616, Matt Erickson 223-614, Wade Crabtree 613, Mike Rylowicz 610, Jim Rissel 606, Christy Cuifolo 531.

Schutt’s Arctic Cat League – Mike Silk 615, Dan Walker 612, Jesse Anderson 223-607, Steve Maloy 595, Dan Kerins 581, Chrissy Blair 482, Cindy Fedrick 475.

Frewsburg Lanes: Ladies League – Marie Warner 510, Kimberly Honey 506, Cheryl Paulsen 483.