Conti Smashes 300-747 At JBC

Chris Conti was the latest bowler to etch his name into perfection in area bowling Wednesday night.

Conti delivered 12 strikes in a row for a perfect 300 game for Shults Auto in the Lena’s Pizza League at Jamestown Bowling League.

For the series, Conti went on to knock down a 747 with another high single of 230.

Andrea Mott was the leading woman with a 228-634 for Angel Hair in the Angel Hair Ladies League at State Lanes.

Back to the Lena’s Pizza League at JBC, Joe Muzzy hit a 278-246-706 for Jackson Valley Golf Club and Tom Volpe had a 235-229-236-700 for Shults Auto.

Terry Frank produced a 226-269-675 for Andy’s Auto in the Lena’s Pizza League.

Ned Dean tossed a 256 and Jen Goshgarian a 237 at JBC.

State Lanes: Angel Hair Ladies League – Marlene Sanders 515, Terri Oste 505, Karen Eckman 503, Sharon Zdunski 500, Natalie Samuelson 500.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Lena’s Pizza League – Ned Dean 246-660, Dennis Beaver 247-238-656, Chris Goodwill 248-646, Joe Foti 223-643, Al Maybach 232-642, Andrew Chapman 234-641, Paul Burdic 222-634, Don Olson 630, Ryan Beaver 628, Howie McIntyre Jr. 236-615, Phil O’Brien 232-614, Roger Himes 220-610, Denny Goodwill 220-234-610, Jim Chapman 591, Jason Rupczyik 233-591, Pedro Melendez 588.

Lena’s Pizza-Townline Ladies League – Jen Goshgarian 568, Theresa Jackson 200-542, Jeannie Colburn 519, Sue Lamb 519, Becky Washer 514, Marlene Macey 511, Melanie Farmery 490, Michelle Slade 206-480.