A total of 11 shooters recorded perfect 24s in the Jamestown Men’s Pool League on Tuesday night.

Jamie Eaton, Vince Parasiliti, Dan Smith Sr., Tom Perez, Ron Prynn, Chuck Meacham, Chris Dalton, Vern Wieland, Clint Brady, Allen Haskins and Ricky Elardo all delivered 24s.

Team scores had Crescent Inn II downing The Q, 129-108, Crescent Inn I stopped Good Time Saloon, 122-113, Road House defeated Falconer Moose I, 125-117, and Puzzle Lounge beat The Bar, 129-115.

Also, The Swamp prevailed over Cadili’s, 123-111, Patsy’s stopped Waddington’s, 120-115 and Dugan’s topped VVA, 131-106.

– – –

Rafael Montanez, Bob Bradley, Vern Wielandt, Don Smith Sr. and Joe Rojas recorded perfect 24s in the 16th week of the Jamestown Area Wednesday Night Men’s Pool League.

Cadili’s defeated Crescent Inn, 125-111, Road House I prevailed over Road House I, 134-98, and Anderson’s turned back Road House II, 136-99.

Dugan’s and Fifth Wheel drew byes.

– – –

A total of 15 shooters shot perfect 24s in the Jamestown Area Tuesday Night Men’s Pool League.

Tex Knowlton, Dave Lepley, Greg Barber, Scott Verrett, Ricky Elardo, Joe Iuculano, Randy Woodmansee, Marc Peters, Dave Darling, Rich Milliman, DeWayne Smith, Mike Patterson, Dan Smith Sr., Jacob Thomas Jr. and Jacob Thomas Sr. drilled 24s during week 15.

Dash Inn toppled VVA, 131-106, The Q downed Dugan’s, 132-105, Crescent Inn II took care of The Bar, 140-108, and the Falconer Moose II nipped the Good Time Saloon, 124-122.

Elsewhere in other results, Crescent Inn I beat the The Swamp, 135-91, Falconer Moose I overcame Cadili’s, 139-101, Road House beat the Waddington’s, 133-116, and Puzzle Lounge defeated Patsy’s, 130-102.

– – –

There were five perfect totals in the Jamestown Area Wednesday night Men’s Pool League.

Dale Shelly, Mark Jackson, Bob Bradley, Mark Frankson and Joe Wetzel delivered 24s this week.

Cadili’s beat Road House II, 133-108, Crescent Inn II prevailed over the Fifth Wheel, 130-104 and Anderson’s took care of Crescent Inn II, 125-117.

Dugans and Road House drew byes.

– – –

Fourteen perfect scores were recorded in the Jamestown Area Tuesday Night Pool League.

Rich Milliman, Dave Darling, Jamie Eaton, Travis Kotch, Marc Peters, Ron Prynn, Jacob Thomas Sr., Jacob Thomas Jr., Jeff Pawloski, Rick Elardo, Don Brooks, Dwayne Smith and Pete Scheira all had 24s.

Dash Inn topped Patsy’s, 128-111, The Q easily downed VVA, 137-94, Crescent Inn rolled over Dugan’s, 131-94, Good Time Saloon shaded The Bar, 121-118, Crescent Inn I beat the Falconer Moose II, 128-115, Falconer Moose I over The Swamp, 129-122, Road House stopped Cadili’s, 135-114, and Puzzle Lounge decisioned Waddington’s, 138-94.

– – –

Seven shooters recorded perfect scores in the Jamestown Area Wednesday Night Men’s Pool League.

Joe Rojas, Dan Smith Jr., Art Silvis, Dwayne Smith, Kevin Patterson, Rafael Martinez, Bob Bradley shot 24s.

Cadili’s edged Fifth Wheel, 121-120, Crescent Inn II drubbed Road House II, 138-95, Anderson’s downed Road House I, 137-117.

Crescent Inn I and Dugan’s drew a bye.

– – –

A total of 16 shooters made perfect scores in the Jamestown Men’s Pool League on Tuesday night.

Scott Verrett, Jeff Patterson, Bill Corey, Mike Hitchcock, Bob Woody, Randy Woodmarsee, Tom Perez, Mike Keith, Marc Peters, Steve Hinkley, Lloyd Greenwalt, Dan Smith Jr., Dewayne Smith, Vince Caruso, Steve Kotch and Jeremy Strickland drilled 24s.

Dash Inn prevailed over Waddington’s, 137-90, The Q took care of Patsy’s, 130-125, Crescent Inn II beat the VVA, 129-113, Dugan’s defeated Good Time Saloon, 122-112, and Crescent Inn I over The Bar, 125-119.

Falconer Moose I rolled over Falconer Moose II, 134-112, Road House decisioned The Swamp, 133-109, and Puzzle Lounge beat Cadili’s, 134-108.