Roadhouse Takeover

Area residents will have the opportunity to catch a hip-hop show and CD release party this month.

On Thursday, Feb. 21, from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m., Michael Lane, founder of Behind The Mic Ent. and host of the annual Ashbash, will celebrate the release of “My MixTape Sounds Better Than Ur Album” at the Roadhouse Bar and Grill in Jamestown.

The show, which is for ages 18 and older, will feature performances by Michael Lane, Relly Rell, J-Dot, Michael Strong Butterfield, Payso, Family of Notes and DJ Vic. Admission to the event is $5 at the door, but women get in for $2 before 10 p.m. Informational flyers will be at various locations around Jamestown, and if one of those is presented at the door a discount will be applied to the cover charge. The new CD will be available for purchase at the show for $5.

“The thing that will make this show stick out from every other hip-hop show that has been done in this town is that we will not be singing over our CD,” said Lane. “We will sing over the beat so that everybody will be able to hear the words of the songs. So, the production quality of this event is going to be professional and will be worth the cover charge.”

According to Lane, “My MixTape Sounds Better Than Ur Album” features the best hip-hop that Western New York has to offer.

“It’s everybody that is involved with Behind the Mic Ent.,” said Lane. “It’s being mastered by Michael Strong Butterfield, and he is one of the best producers I can think of. I’ve also got Relly Rell, J-Dot and myself, and I feel like we’re the best hip-hop around here.”

J-Dot won the Jumpstart Summer Showcase held at the Spire of Jamestown and as a result has a song on one of DJ WhiteOwl’s mixtapes.

“Not everybody gets that opportunity,” said Lane. “And, it’s a very expensive opportunity. So, for someone from Behind the Mic Ent. to actually win that was a big deal.”

The song is entitled “Lucy” and it features J-Dot, Michael Lane, Relly Rell and Goody.

“We wanted to take the fame of (Lucille Ball) and try to show how people today come from the same spot she did. It’s an homage to her and to represent Jamestown.” said Lane. “‘Lucy’ is probably one of the best songs on the CD.”

The track will also be featured on “My MixTape Sounds Better Than Ur Album.” A $5,000 music video that was shot in Jamestown is in the works as well.

The money that Behind the Mic Ent. raises from the show will be used to fund a tour for J-Dot and Lane in London. The tour is being made possible in conjunction with R&R Entertainment of Washington, D.C.

After making it to the third round of Making The Next Hit Season 3, he was able to purchase a brick to be placed at the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation’s Peace Garden in Alanta, Ga.

“My name and my company are now in front of Tupac’s statue,” said Lane. “Vince Liuzzo, of WAKE UP! Productions, gave me the idea to ask how I could be more affiliated with the program, so they made me the representative of Western New York for the Tupac Center to raise awareness for the artistic outreach that they do. To be a representative for them makes me feel like I’ve already made it because Tupac is my idol.”

The Road-House Bar and Grill is located at 1250 E. Second St. in Jamestown. For more information visit