Vehicle Damaged By Fire

A quick response from a bystander at Bush Elementary School put an end to a potentially dangerous situation Wednesday afternoon.

Shortly after 3 p.m., a time when many children are leaving school to go home, a call was received stating that there was a vehicle on fire near one of the entrances to the building.

According to Chris Swanson from the Jamestown Fire Department, the fire was caused by a loose wire leading to the alternator. Upon arrival of the fire department, the driver of the vehicle informed them that flames had been seen coming from under the hood of the vehicle, which Swanson attributed to the possibility that the fire had come in contact with an oil line.

Shortly after the fire was discovered, someone from the school ran inside, grabbed a fire extinguisher and used it to help stop the flames.

“It happened at the end of the school day, but no children were in any danger,” said Swanson. “They were able to get the fire under control quickly.”