‘Joker’ Incident Did Not Belong On Front Page

To the Readers’ Forum:

I want to say how disappointed I am about the article on the front page of The Post-Journal on Tuesday, Feb. 7 about the young man who was arrested while dressed like the Joker.

While I am glad that local law enforcement take the safety of the community seriously, I am saddened to see that a front page story was made out of an incident that belonged merely in the police reports. The young man did cause a disturbance but he is mentally ill and didn’t deserve to made a spectacle of.

From reading The Post-Journal on an almost daily basis, I am familiar with the sort of crimes that frequently appear in local police reports. They seem to have the potential for juicy gossip if a whole article was written about them, with the mug shots plastered next to it. Why not embarrass and ridicule all these other criminals, many of which actually hurt people? Is it because they aren’t dressed funny and won’t create as much buzz?

Seriously Post-Journal, start reporting some real news and leave the gossip for Star and TMZ.

Lauren Gutman