Parson Rolls 767 Series At JBC

Terry Parson was the leader on the area bowling scoreboard on Tuesday night.

Parson recorded a 264-257-246-767 for JPF Trucking and teammate Chris Johnson unleashed a 277-222-716 in the Butera’s Towing League at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Scott Heinke ranked third in scores when he put together a 247-717 for Falconer Vac-Shoppe in the Falconer Businessmen’s League at State Lanes.

In the Moon Brook Ladies League, Ann Knepshield delivered a 236-578 at JBC.

Jim Elardo led the way in the Senior Coffee Bowl at JBC with a 235-216-233-684 followed by Bob Howe with a 216-234-204-654 and Dave Woodfield Sr. tossed a 206-213-614.

Ronnie Pound spilled a 258 and Chris Legters a 256 at Cutting Lanes.

Another 256 at JBC was thrown by Rod Swanson.

Also at JBC, Josh Volk beat Matt White in a tie-breaker in the weekly sweeper after both tied at 190-190.

Cutting Lanes: Monday Men’s League – Pat Bemis 224-237-630, Jason Rhodes 223-630, Denny Brumagin 221-607, Chris Legters 605, Ronnie Pound 604, Scott TeCulver 579.

A. M. Senior League -Denny Brumagin 204-543, Roger Brightman 200-530, Dick Kinney 505, Sharon Utegg 460.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Senior Coffee Bowl – Don Chambers 210-597, Jim Rissel 219-202-592, Don Hilyer 207-549, Wayne Hunzinger 531, Helen Chambers 436.

Moon Brook Ladies League – Paula Morris 200-471.

Butera’s Towing League – Dan Gould 235-225-672, Chuck Warner 237-227-653, Pedro Melendez 227-630, Bob Storms 234-595, Rod Swanson 594, John Van Horn 234-587, Joe Sienicki 582, Tom Lester 580.

State Lanes: Falconer Businessmen’s League – Matt Gunther 227-645, Kevin Briggs 221-601, Ted Butryn 220-600, Andy Almquist 600, Mark Almquist 600.