Withdrawing Help Will Only Cause Chaos

To the Readers’ Forum:

The government should not cut programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security for there would be disastrous results, worse poverty, worse crime and worse unhappiness.

The baby boomers are numerous, but they have contributed to the building of the economy. they have worked hard and have raised families. In their old age, they need help. They don’t deserve to be shoved under the bus. The younger people should be grateful to those who brought them up.

The rich should not horde their assets to the point that they become niggardly and selfish. Someday, they too will be old and reaching out for help.

If we help the poor, they can often rise and become consumers of services and products. This will aid the economy. Nothing but chaos will occur if we deny services and products to them, the elderly and disabled. Certain Christian morals apply, whether the politicians are Christian by denomination. Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick, etc. are principles that warm the hearts of the givers.

Society will change again when the old folks pass away and the smaller population moves ahead. Many things will happen to the economy. But withdrawing help from those who need it will never do anything but create chaos.

Patricia E. Moniot