Tired Of The Free Ride For The Undeserving

To the Readers’ Forum:

During the last presidential campaign one of the campaigns was lambasted for making a comment about the “47%.” What he said was absolutely correct. Roughly half the population receives “free stuff” from the government and any threat, real or imagined, to those freebies will be dealt with at the ballot box. That segment of society has become addicted to their free stuff such as “Obamaphones.” I know for for a fact that several of our local citizens who have received said phones also have phones they pay for thus having multiple phones.

Also, where has the personal responsibility gone? When taxpayers who support themselves through hard work decide, for instance, to have children they know that with that decision comes increased associated costs with having a child and they gladly accept the reduction in discretionary income. When those who rely on public benefits decides to have a child (or several children in some cases) they simply walk to the DSS office and get more money. Zero responsibility and a state government that supports with open arms that behavior. I, as a taxpayer, am tired of the free ride for those who don’t deserve it.

Jim Dahlberg

Bemus Point