Panama Student Applies English Skills To Book Writing

PANAMA – Artistic creativity is a talent that has not bypassed Rachael Kosinski.

Rachael is a senior at Panama Central School who has performed well in her academic endeavors. She has a terrific grasp of the English language and considers English to be her favorite subject.

“I really like English class,” she said. “Right now, we’re doing ‘Hamlet’ and reading it out loud. So I’ve read quite a bit of Hamlet’s lines, and I find the Shakespearean language interesting. I was a big reader when I was a kid, and I even write on the side.”

Rachael has been able to apply her writing abilities toward the creation of a book which she has been working on for almost three years. The book, entitled “Serpents and Flame,” is a work of fiction that combines mythological and modern elements, whereby mythological gods and figures interact with characters in modern day New York City.

According to Rachael, “Serpents and Flame” is currently in the revision process. From there, she hopes that she will eventually see her story published.

“I submitted (the book) to a literary agent,” she said. “You have to send it to a literary agent, and then if they accept your story, they’ll become your agent and they’ll get you a publisher. There’s a little hidden step in there. I had sent it to (the agent) before Christmas, and now he’s giving me three months to make it shorter and more concise. And then I can send it at the end of March, and he’ll say if he wants it or not.”

Despite her passion for writing, Rachael has plans to pursue a career as a museum curator which she says will inspire creativity for future story ideas. She anticipates receiving a degree in anthropology from Elmira College, her top choice, or Geneseo College.

“Right now, I’m leaning heavily toward Elmira, but I also applied to Geneseo because they have a great anthropology program,” she said.

By the time she graduates, Rachael will have accumulated 18 college credits through college-level courses at Panama. She has taken JCC equivalency courses in Spanish, English and U.S. history.

At Panama, Rachael has been involved in a variety of functions and clubs, including band, chorus, student council and National Honor Society.

She was also selected for the lead role in Panama’s musical production of “Snow White.”

Outside of school, Rachael performs in a women’s choir group which meets in Dunkirk. She also does lectures at Sacred Heart Church in Lakewood.

According to Dane Simmons, Rachael’s guidance counselor, Rachael will make an ideal college student.

“It’s impossible not to love Rachael,” he said. “She has an infectious smile, and she’s bursting with positive, warm energy. I have no doubt that Rachael will thrive on a college campus socially because she’s brimming with personality and humor, and she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. Rachael will be an ideal study partner, trusted friend to many and the perfect roommate.”

He added: “She is a fabulously talented artist. She has jaw-dropping natural ability but also continues to work hard to improve. She’s artsy but also excels in math, science and her social IQ is off the charts. Rachael is sharp, articulate and she communicates brilliantly. I know I speak on behalf of the entire faculty at Panama Central School when I say we are proud to graduate such a remarkable young woman.”

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