Unforeseen Circumstances Must Be Ruled Out

To the Readers’ Forum:

They said “it was an accident;” ”just terrible judgment;” and yet there is no real cause to believe that either driver is impaired by drugs or alcohol. This is a scenario that happens all too often and at such a high cost. The victims can’t say ”I wasn’t there.” But why are there no laws on the books to assist in making perfectly clear that it truly was just that careless judgment. I say that we, as conscientious drivers, take the time to be absolutely sure that no unforeseen circumstance causes the death of one of my loved ones again.

So with this, I am writing to state officials to assist me in getting the law to read that if at anytime a motor vehicle accident results in the death of another, that the drivers be tested to rule out the unforeseen circumstance of drugs and alcohol. I know that if I was to be tested I would openly accept this to clear one’s mind. I would like to see it known as Jacob’s Law, for he would have turned 21 on Jan. 27, 2013, if not for such a tragedy.

Ron Reichardt