T.E.A. Party Is Far From Dangerous

To The Reader’s Forum:

The writer asked the question “Is the T.E.A. Party Dangerous?” In return I ask, to whom or to what? The T.E.A.(taxed enough already) Party movement was born when ordinary citizens (much like “the Boston Tea Party”) rose up to protest extreme taxation. This grass roots movement is made up of peaceful, freedom loving, law abiding citizens, of good conscience whom have sworn off complacency and apathy to actively preserve adherence to the U.S. Constitution. We are focused on holding politicians’ “feet-to-the-fire” primarily on economics and fiscal issues. We are opposed to the ever increasing bureaucracy and wasteful, and astronomical spending that burdens middle class taxpayers and small businesses to the breaking point.

The writer missed the point of a previous article when he criticized the T.E.A. Party of “trying to reform the national grid”. Absurd. The T.E.A. Party has merely stated that we support the N.R.G. plant in Dunkirk to keep operating; providing electricity and jobs for Chautauqua County and W.N.Y.

Talk about “propaganda”!? The mainstream liberal media and Hollywood leftists have slandered and demonized the T.E.A. Party in an effort to shut us up … an Alinsky tactic that is not working.

In regards to social issues that the writer of Dec. 15th letter listed so “Al Gorishly”, T.E.A. Party people don’t agree 100% on every topic. Nationwide this conservative movement is comprised of people predominately of the Christian faith and certainly of other faiths and people who have no religious affiliation at all. We do agree that we are against government overreach and over regulating our everyday lives. I repeat, it’s the government that wants to regulate, regulate and regulate; not the T.E.A. Party.

We believe that the U.S.A. is an exceptional nation founded under Judeo-Christian principles so when the writer of the Dec. 15th letter to the Forum wrote “the T.E.A. Party as a whole believes that the Christian Bible should shape our laws”: gulp, gasp. Guess what? The Bible already has “shaped our laws”, from America’s very beginning It’s the Constitution, sir.

There are so many things that are dangerous in this country today, but the T.E.A. Party movement is NOT one of them.

In God we trust.

Shirley Leyman,

Southern Tier TEA Party Patriots Member