Second Amendment Is For Protection

To The Reader’s Forum:

Here is my stand on the “gun ban” debate. The Second Amendment states that we shall have a well armed militia. At that time, every man was part of the militia. Today we have a standing military and reserve military. However, that does not mean every man should not be allowed to own a gun. As we have seen during Operation Desert Storm, Desert Shield and Enduring Freedom, the “State Militia” or reservists are called up time and time again to serve in active military operations. That leaves no standing militia to protect the citizens; we are left to protect ourselves.

The Second Amendment was NEVER to protect hunting rights. As a matter of fact, there were no “hunting rights” back then, it was at its very essence what we call “shopping” today, a source of food sustenance. The Second Amendment has ALWAYS been about the citizens protecting themselves from Government.

In the 10 to 15 years it took to pass the Brady gun laws, all aspects of human behavior were explored and attempted to be used to ban guns. The result was a deterrent through increase background checks and tedious paperwork. Obviously that didn’t work. The only thing left for the government to do is ban guns to all law-abiding citizens, criminals will not respect the ban, the criminally insane will not respect the ban and neither will their children.

What is the right thing to do then? Well, continue the conversation of why our lives are so violent We have removed television monitoring and now there are TV shows that are horribly graphic (ABC’s The Munsters), excessively sexual (pick any show), and explicitly vulgar. My generation wanted to break all boundaries and get rid of all censers, but as our current society shows rules and margins should not be broken.

Also, we have worked so hard on reintegration and rehabilitation that there is nowhere for the violent mentally ill to go UNTIL a crime has been committed. Used to be these people were put in a place where they were not a danger to themselves or others BEFORE a major crime was commited, now they are homeless or filling our jail cells. Correctional Officers are not psychiatric ward councilors and nurses, Wardens are not psychiatric doctors.

The answer is not to remove the guns from everyday citizens that choose to have a gun. The solution is to re-assess our violent culture that we are bringing our children up in and to open the discussion of mental health hygiene in this nation without stigma but with honesty and a hard look at the safety of others and themselves.

Tami Downey