BPU?Engineer Speaks To Jamestown Noon Rotary

David Gustafson, Jamestown Board of Public Utilities electric and gas resource manager and a BPU senior engineer, addressed Jamestown Noon Rotarians on Jan. 28 regarding BPU operation of the Warner Dam.

A mechanical engineer with a degree from Purdue University, Gustafson supervised the BPU Power Plant from 1986-99 and oversees its operations today. As the electric and gas resource manager since 1999, Gustafson leads activities and long-range planning to most effectively utilize the BPU’s bulk energy resources including the New York Power Authority hydropower allocation, the power generation equipment located at the Carlson Generating Station on Steele Street and the equipment that provides thermal energy for the BPU’s District Heating Division.

Gustafson explained that the operation of the Warner Dam is undertaken according to a Chautauqua County Planning and Development document which sets guidelines that the BPU must follow. The document is based upon an agreement between Jamestown, Chautauqua County and New York state.

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