Magazine Limit Will Change Nothing

To The Reader’s Forum:

I have to admit failure. I shot my AR15 “Assault Weapon” over a hundred times and I still can’t change out the ten shot magazines in less than 2.75 seconds. That would add 5.5 seconds to shooting 30 rounds of ammo compared to using a 30 round magazine.

However, Dianne Feinstein has decreed that I can’t possess a magazine with more than ten shots as a method of preventing needless death by gun. She actually thinks that it would make a difference. Is she nuts or what?

I could probably cut down the time it takes to change magazines if I taped two of them together, bottom to bottom like the grunts used to do in ‘Nam. Next thing they’ll ban is tape.

If you want to see a reformer really reforming then permit them to reform something that doesn’t affect their life style and boy can they reform.

Ken Corey

Bemus Point