Urn Returned To Pomfret Woman

POMFRET – After nearly a year, a Pomfret woman has her husband’s ashes back.

The Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office reported Friday morning that an urn, which was reported stolen April 4 from a residence on Van Buren Road, has been returned to its rightful owner.

On Thursday morning, the woman went outside to walk her dogs and located the urn in a bag on her porch. It is believed the person who took the urn thought it was a piece of art. The item was intact with only a small chip in the bottom and a few scratches on the side. An identification specialist was sent to check the urn for DNA and/or fingerprints.

Sheriff’s officials are unsure if the thief was uncomfortable showing the urn as art or if their conscience got to them.

In April, the victim was not interested in pressing charges against anyone who may have taken the urn. She was said to be very distraught and just wanted the item returned.

In a release Friday, the officials said they are just happy that the victim has recovered her husband’s ashes.