Language Exercise

“Thank you so much for coming today. My students have been so excited to for you to come,” said Durrin See. “This will be so good for them to see you reading in their native language and valuing their language. We tell them all the time that a second language is a positive thing, but to see you all come in really reinforces it. By reading with my students, you are also helping them with their English skills.”

See’s daughter is in Colleen Holsinger’s Spanish class, and the two teachers met and decided on the collaboration at an open house.

“This is a great opportunity for my students to read in Spanish and actually use the language they are learning in class,” said Holisinger.

The students paired off and read a variety of books. Reading both in Spanish and English, the pairs helped each other through the books.

“This is so awesome,” said Pablo Guzman, Ring Elementary School fourth-grader. “It is so much fun to read with the big kids, and I’m correcting her when she doesn’t say the Spanish words right.”

“This is such a great experience,” said Brittany Wright, a Falconer senior and Pablo’s partner. “We really get to experience reading with a native language person and he’s really helped me out when I’m not pronouncing a word correctly in Spanish.”