Book Discussion Group To Meet At Lakewood Library

At the next book-discussion group meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 19, the book chosen for discussion is “The Painted Drum” by Louise Erdrich. This is a novel about a half-Ojibwe, fully assimilated woman who stumbles upon the ceremonial drum of the title among the possessions of a dead man. The drum’s power awakens her pride in her heritage – and she steals it.

Copies of the book are available at the Lakewood Library and Off the Beaten Path Bookstore in Lakewood. A list of the other books chosen for discussion is available at the library. Meetings are held in the library on the third Tuesday of the month at 2:30 p.m., and all interested readers are invited to attend the book-discussion group and make suggestions for future book selections. If the current meeting schedule is not convenient and readers would like to attend, contact the library at 763-6234.