Larry Piazza was a three-game winner in the Chautauqua Lake Senior Horseshoe League on Tuesday.

Piazza drilled two games of 85 points with 23 ringers and another of 75 points with six ringers.

Chuck Dickinson had 89 points with nine ringers and 79 points with six ringers en route to winning two games.

Seven other players managed to win twice in three starts and they were Topper Westerdahl, Kurt VonKlist, Frank Jusko, Jerry Vargeson, Ken Aldrich, Art Mitchell and Fred Clark.

Westerdahl delivered games of 94 points with 16 ringers and 81 points with 11 ringers, VonKlist 88 points with 26 ringers and 85 points with 25 ringers, Jusko 85 and 79 points with a total of 11 ringers and Vargeson 84 and 75 points with seven ringers.

Aldrich posted games of 83 and 81 points with 18 ringers, Mitchell 79 and 76 points with eight ringers and Clark 79 and 73 points with four ringers each games.