Howe Smashes 278-782 Series To Pace Bowling

Bob Howe certainly had a day to to remember as the veteran unleashed a huge 247-278-257-782 to pace the Tuesday Coffee Bowl at Jamestown Bowling Company..

Patty Weeks paced the Moon Brook Ladies League at JBC with 210-204-235-649 and Paula Morris shot 244-201-631.

Chris Johnson spun a 287-254-712 and teammate Dan Gould a 252-235-694, both for JPF Trucking in the JBC’s Butera Towing League.

Also at JBC in the Tuesday Coffee Bowl, Jim Rissel hit the 700 mark with 213-265-238-716 while Don Chambers spilled 201-212-229-642, Jim Suckow rolled 234-204-626 and Cliff Carlson hit 205-212-606.

Adam Newhouse drilled a 237-248-703 in the Monday Men’s League at Cutting Lanes.

Josh Volk beat Matt White in the JBC Sweeper by a score of 218-195.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Tuesday Coffee Bowl – Jim Elardo 203-232-587, Frank Gullotti 506, Bob Dowd 203-504, Ann Moren 400.

Moon Brook Ladies League – Ann Knepshield 475.

Butera’s Towing League – Scott Johnson 246-223-671, Chuck Warner 236-226-647, Mike Wallen 232-611, Nate Lester 223-607, Jeff Ellis 232-593, John Van Horn 226-587, Tom Lester 578.

Cutting Lanes: Monday Men’s League – Ernie Newhouse 616, Jason Rhodes 244-613, Chris Legters 588, Ryan Bensink 584, Pat Bemis 580, Scott TeCulver 223-576.

A. M. Seniors League – Don Lafferty 201-514, Sharon Utegg 482, Lois Lafferty 469.