Letting Students Attend Ironmen Game Was Fine

To The Reader’s Forum:

I have been floored by the amount of negativity that has been milling around the community in regards to our local school districts attending the recent local hockey game.

I just want to say that my students had a great time at the game. Many have wondered how this has to do with education … can I just say, how about a well rounded education. Let me list some of the things that come to mind: 1. Public etiquette, how to behave appropriately at a public fucntion, 2. learning how to be healthy and safe (2 presentations by a dietician and police during intermissions) 3. being fit, (getting involved in an organized activity) (not just sitting playing video games) 4. AND MY GOODNESS, ARE WE NOT ALLOWED TO EVER HAVE FUN IN SCHOOL? We are bombarded with expectations, limitations, tests and assessments.

Each child paid to attend and, without the schools going, many of them may never have the experience, as I teach in a low-income/high poverty school, and activities such as these are not part of their life. As an educator, we are pretty much responsible for it all. Some wonder why not after school. Here is the answer to that: It was a regular scheduled game in the Ironmen’s schedule, and refer to the afore mentioned reasons.

Molly Anderson